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This has been a long time coming.  Remember in the 1990's when we all loved (and coveted) Glamour Shots?  I was a teenager at the time and the cost of the in-mall studio portraits were out of reach, so I did what any budding photographer at heart would do: I invited my best friend over and we did each other's make-up, hung a white sheet on my bedroom wall for a backdrop, moved around some lighting and loaded up my Kodak 110 pocket camera with film and hoped for the best.  Perfectly poised with our leather jacket collars popped, we used up the film, dropped it off for development and hoped for the best.  

It's 25 years later and Glamour Shots is long gone, but what hasn't changed is our desire to feel beautiful and for many of us.  As the boudoir market grows, many of us feel the same as I did about Glamour Shots - coveted, but out of reach.  I've long wanted to give a viable alternative, creating a portrait experience for the every day woman and thus, The Wilder Side of Nadia Wilder Photography was born.

Ladies only - you can also join the Private Facebook Group for updates!  Ready to book?  Click Here


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